Introducing Torque

Redis administration for humans.


Torque provides a graphical user interface to perform CRUD operations for your RedisTM server. It uses RESP to talk to the Redis and manage the keys. It's free for both personal and commercial use and is released under MIT and supports various data types on RedisTM viz. String , List, Hash, Set & OrderSets
(HyperLogLog comming soon)

Contributions & Stuffs

Clean & Organized Code

Torque is built on top of Laravel, one of the most popular PHP framework. Torque follows the PSR-2 coding standard and the PSR-4 autoloading standard. If you wish to contribute to this project, please make sure your pull request follows the aforesaid standards with a little summary describing the purpose of the same.

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Torque is a free, cross-platform GUI management tool for Windows, macOS and Linux platforms. Torque is released under MIT license. You may use this tool for commercial as well as for personal use. We encourage you to contribute to the torque project by sending your pull request containing your changes for features & bug fixes.

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